My given name is Dane, which means poem. Subsequently, I am a writer, lyricist, and lover of people. I want to live and tell a meaningful story.  

Curiosity compelled me to pilgrimage in Spain; to live at a monastery in New Mexico; to explore 26 (and counting) foreign countries and even more American states; to run up mountains; to earn academic degrees in psychology and theology; and to study with a cohort of risk-takers who believe experiential learning is a logical choice for one's higher education.  

Love inspired me to write music that rehabilitates women rescued from trafficking; to play soccer with orphans on the slummiest pitches you’ll ever see; to work in local government social services; to educate community leaders in East Africa; and to rarely pass up conversation with those whom society neglects. 

Hope delivered me from depression and changed the landscape of my world. 

Writing is my process for making better sense of this crazy and beautiful life. If you want to read these rambles, please subscribe to my existential field notes

One day, perhaps, our rambling paths will cross.

Until then,

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